Frequently Asked Questions

ZeroVAL is a set of ICO demos that use Ethereum and Stellar smart contracts.

You can buy ZeroVAL tokens using Ropsten (test) Ether and Lumens from the Stellar test network, which does not require money.

The same as it is now.

Yes, until we start using real money.

ZeroVAL is the future of currency. Value is a thing of the past with zero-value currency!

ZeroVAL offers you security that is unmatched by similar offerings that cost real money:

  • Safety – ZeroVAL is immune to theft, fraud or scams. It can not be detroyed. If you lose it, just get some more.
  • Predictability – ZeroVAL will be never be worth less than nothing.
  • Affordability – ZeroVAL costs you the same as a cup of coffee that someone else bought.

Yes, of course. ZeroVAL is right for everybody.

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